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Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 10, 2015

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Michael J. Matt From the Editor’s Desk… The Catholic Identity Conference makes history. More on the passing of the late, great Solange Hertz  

Father Michael Rodriguez A Blueprint for Returning to and Restoring Tradition. Many thanks to Father Rodriguez for his kind permission to print the following transcript of his ex­cellent talk at this year’s Catholic Iden­tity Conference.

Hilary White Why I Gave Up News Reporting.  This personal testimony may surprise you.

Patrick Archbold  The Synod’s ‘Maginot Line’ So, will those conservatives really form a line that Kasper & Co. can’t get past? Yeah, right!

Judge Andrew Napolitano  
More on the Papacy of Novelty.  Francis is infuriating many more people than the media wish to admit. 

Chris Ferrara The Remnant Needs Your Help. 

Benedict Carter  A Catholic in the Gulag: She found God, converted to the Catholic Faith, was thrown into a Soviet prison, and came out something of a living saint. Don’t miss this true story of the triumph of one of ours over atheistic communists. 

Brian M. McCall Francis the Tyrant—There’s nothing humble about this man.

Morgan Gilcrest Cardinal Burke at Franciscan University, SteubenvilleMy parents filed for a civil divorce and are both in irregular unions, so I take personally much of this nonsense from the Synod and this quest to appease the sin of adultery.”

Timothy J. Cullen  
The Four Olds The Four Olds remain intact so long as there is a remnant that keeps them close and keeps them in living memory through teaching and usage by however small a remnant.

Orlavo de Carvalho Liberation Theology Survives Discredit and is Alive and Well... Under the Command of a Corpse PART II.  If you want to understand Francis you MUST read this article, though it includes not a single reference to him. 

Adrian Calderone 
What Is Justice? Here’s a question that can no longer be answered in America. Why not? 

Father Celatus 
The Last Word…Hey, Jorge: A Letter from Hubris in Hell. So how did Francis prepare for his trip to the U.S.? (Screwtape had nothing to do with it)

The Remnant Speaks Letters to the Editor this week include one from a guy who hates The Remnant to badly that he is praying that we close our doors. Nice, eh? 

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