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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This Is Why They Hate Us

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Remember the Catholic journalist, Barbara Garcia? I was thinking about her the other day when I read that Sandra Fluke is now running for California State Senate.  Back in July 2012, Lifesitenews’ Steve Jalsevac told us the story of how newlyweds Ignacio Cabezas and Barbara Castro Garcia had been crazy about getting married and wanted very much to be parents.

Four months into their first pregnancy, Barbara took a trip to the dentist complaining of a sore in her mouth. The dentist sent her on to a specialist, who diagnosed her with mouth cancer. The couple was presented with a conundrum: Barbara urgently needed life-saving treatment, but the treatment had the potential to harm their unborn child.

You know how this story ends. Look into the eyes of the young woman in the picture to the left.  You can see the spirit of Hannah, mother of the Maccabees.  Of course, she gave her life so that her little girl, Barbarita, could be born on Nov. 1, 2010...healthy.  

Back on February 27 I wrote an article entitled, “The Curious Case of Fr. Paul Nicholson.” In that article I explained, in detail, why certain rash accusations of Fr. Nicholson regarding the SSPX and Archbishop Lefebvre were factually incorrect. Such accusations included the following:

The SSPX is in schism.

SSPX priests are incapable of forgiving sins.

The Church considers Archbishop Lefebvre damned for all eternity.

Archbishop Lefebvre created his own alternative Church.

I explained why each of these assertions is demonstrably false by citing various credible sources and relaying well-known factual information easily discoverable through simple Internet searches. Since that date, Fr. Paul has not substantively responded to any of the previous article’s demonstrations of why each of these points is false. Instead, not only has he continued to repeat some of these accusations, he has now moved to on to new, equally absurd accusations.

The most preposterous of these new accusations is that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was former Apostolic Delegate for West Africa, Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers, and appointed by Blessed Pope John XXIII a member of the Central Preparatory Commission for the Second Vatican Council, “didn’t care about the Holy Mass.”

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