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One commenter concerning my last blog post expressed dismay that The Remnant engages in so much criticism of the pronouncements of Pope Francis. But when a Pope who obdurately insists on improvising his homilies says one thing after another that any well-catechized ten-year old can see is wrong or highly dubious, every Catholic in a position to do so has an obligation to object.

Thus, when Francis—speaking, as always, off-the-cuff—says that Mary might have felt deceived by God, that Christ only pretended to be angry with His disciples, that Our Lord rebuked the Pharisees for their rigorist view of the marriage bond rather than their lax view of it, that Matthew clung to his money instead of following Our Lord’s call immediately, and that Jesus “had” a “Christian identity” when He was Christ Himself and the Word Incarnate, we cannot be silent lest our silence be viewed as consent. Just as John XXII (r. 1316-1334) met a firestorm of public opposition to his erring sermons denying the immediacy of the beatific vision, so must any modern Pope encounter loyal opposition when his erring opinions are instantly broadcast to the whole world.

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