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Sunday, December 18, 2016

God Bless the Framers

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The title of this post is about the last thing Remnant readers might expect from me, given my paper trail, which includes a 600-page study of the philosophy, theology, hagiography and mythology involved in the destructive rise and ever-accelerating fall of what the moderns call Liberty.

Then again, I am also on record praising the Constitution as a masterpiece of technical legal drafting whose problem consists not so much in what it provides as in what it omits: a foundation for the rights it asserts and the powers it purports to delegate and limit, that foundation being none other than God and His Law. It was not I but the Protestant President of Yale University, Timothy Dwight, who said this of the Constitution during the national chastisement of the War of 1812:

We formed our Constitution without any acknowledgement of God; without any recognition of His mercies to us, as a people, of His government, or even of His existence. The Convention, by which it was formed, never asked even once, His direction, or His blessing, upon their labours. Thus we commenced our national existence under the present system, without God.

It is axiomatic that politics is the art of the possible, and that governments are guided by practical considerations rather than strictly moral ones. Nonetheless, until fairly recent times the citizens of Western nations could be confident that their governments at least subscribed in public to culturally Christian concepts of right and wrong when it came to framing and interpreting legislation and that, by and large, the interests of the citizenry were considered of some importance to legislators and administrators.

That Western governments no longer even pretend to subscribe to Christian morality and that they no longer have the interests of their own citizens at heart is painfully obvious to all but the most blind or obtuse. A new “religion”, namely radical secularism, is the belief system which now informs the thinking and actions of most Western politicians. That this radical secularism is every bit as hostile to traditional Christianity as was the Marxist secularism of Communist regimes is not to be doubted, and we have already witnessed the beginnings of a low-key and so far, bloodless persecution of Christians who insist on holding to their traditional beliefs, when these beliefs clash with the new secularist orthodoxy. A society which can fine a Christian family bakery $135,000 for refusing to bake a lesbian “wedding” cake and which can throw a public registrar into jail for refusing to officiate at a gay “wedding” is a society which has already travelled far down the road of Soviet totalitarianism.
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