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On January 12th I authored a short blog post entitled, “Resisting Papal Errors: Another Historical Precedent for Cardinal Burke.”  In it I recounted a little known tale of the Archbishop of Paris, Christophe de Beaumont, resisting the tragic 1773 brief of Pope Clement XIV suppressing the Jesuits. The post apparently hit a nerve, stoking the ire of the sedevacantist website Novus Ordo Watch.  So much so that the site published an almost 5,600 word tome condemning my piece entitled, “Resisting the Pope? “The Remnant” and the Suppression of the Jesuits.

The author, presumably Mario Derksen, attempts to point out various supposed flaws in my Remnant blog post; a post consisting primarily of quotations from two Catholic historians. The blog post was written not as an exhaustive research paper, but in order to make the historical letter of resistance from Archbishop Beaumont to Pope Clement XIV, which even Mr. Derksen admits is authentic, more widely known to Catholics.  

As it turns out, Abp. Beaumont’s letter of resistance was far more objectionable to Mr. Derksen than it was to Pope Clement XIV. This is evident as Mr. Derksen used 5,600 more words than the late pope to respond to it. Although I don’t normally make a habit of acknowledging such erroneous rebuttals, I believe in this case responding to some of the more outlandish claims in his piece might be beneficial to any confused readers.

How the bankrupt theory of evolution has overthrown the Genesis account of the Fall with the help of its Catholic enablers.

Editor’s Note:
With some frequency we encourage our Remnant website visitors to subscribe to The Remnant. The reason we do this is because so much of our work does not appear online, and in order to keep our website in operation we must keep our newspaper in operation. The newspaper subsidizes the website. This scholarly refutation of Evolution by Chris Ferrara, for example, provides a case in point for why it is necessary to subscribe to our Print/E-edition if you wish to benefit from the full body of our work. This 3-part article appeared in The Remnant almost two years ago and becomes more timely every day.  Even Pope Francis (perhaps I should say of course, Pope Francis) says that that Evolution is not at all inconsistent with Church teaching because “God is not a magician and evolution may have been necessary for him”. We are well aware of how controversial and even lampoonable a strict defense of Genesis has become in 2017. And, quite frankly, we don’t care. Modern science also dismisses the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  Modern science calls the Resurrection of Christ a hoax.  Modern science denies the existence of the soul. If we are to allow modern scientific theories (and let us not forget, it’s called the ‘Theory of Evolution’) and scientism dictate what we Catholics believe and don’t believe, then all is lost, universal apostasy is complete, and the gates of Hell will have prevailed. We cannot and will not be bullied or intimidated when it comes to the defined doctrine of the Catholic Church that God created man ex nihilo, out of nothing, in a supreme act of His will. If this causes our sophisticated critics to laugh at and mock the Church and to laugh at and mock those of us who believe with all of our hearts that God did not make a man out of a monkey, so be it. And in this holy season of Lent we recall how the world laughed at and mocked the Man Who said He was God.  Quite frankly, we at The Remnant are perfectly content to laugh at and mock Evolution—possibly the greatest hoax in history—and in the following series we rely on science as well as Church teaching to demonstrate what a laughable joke this antiquated and now totally outdated theory has become. MJM 

Part I: A Theory Not Worthy of Catholic Credulity

“When we descend to details, we can prove that no one species has changed…” -Charles Darwin, 1863

"Through use and abuse of hidden 
postulates, of bold, often ill-founded extrapolations, a pseudo-science has been created. It is taking root in the very heart of biology and is leading astray many biochemists and biologists…” -Pierre-Paul Grassé, evolutionary zoologist, 1973


As the atheist ideologue Richard Dawkins famously observed in his oxymoronically entitled The Blind Watchmaker, “Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.”[2] Darwinian and neo-Darwinian evolution provide the atheist with a substitute for God, concealing the insuperable problem noted by Hume (as quoted by Dawkins): “I have no explanation for complex biological design. All I know is that God isn’t a good explanation, so we must wait and hope that somebody comes up with a better one (emphasis mine).”[3]

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