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Anna Priore

Editor’s Note: Here’s yet another example of liberals trying to fix that which wasn’t broken in the first place, and then blaming everything and everyone but themselves for the resulting chaos that ensues. Modesty in dress, for example, especially where women are concerned, was for a thousand years an effective barricade against sexual assault and men disrespecting women. Teaching chastity was another, as was the old Christian idea that the body, as temple of the Holy Ghost, is not to be trifled with in the eyes of God. Encouraging sobriety on moral grounds, rather than mere DUI laws, also dates back to the "dark ages" of Faith. And housing young men and women in the same dormitories would have been regarded as sheer insanity just a generation ago. But when the “enlightened” social engineers — paragons of liberalism, to a man — decided to launch their ill-fated sexual revolution and wage war on those “antiquated Christian restrictions”, as well as Christian morality in general, what do you suppose happened?  An explosion of sexual assault charges on college campuses all over the world. Look at the photo below, and ask yourself: What happened? How many sexual assault cases were there on college campuses when young men and women dressed and behaved like the students on the right? And, conversely, how many are there today, when young men and women dress and behave like the benighted folks on the left? (The photo on the left, by the way, was one of the few Google images of college students partying in 2016 that didn’t look to be lifted from a porn site, proving once again just how effective the feminist movement was in ending the objectification of women.) Thanks to Miss Priore for tackling the 900-pound gorilla in the parlor. MJM

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